Journey Colab Announces Appointment of Joel A. Posener, MD as Chief Medical Officer
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Unlocking the Science of Psychedelics to Build a New Model of Addiction Care

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An Integrated Solution Designed to Achieve Durable Remission

We are a biopharmaceutical company that believes in a new model of addiction care supported by medicine-induced behavioral modification therapy.

The Problem of Addiction

Addiction is not just a condition of the brain; it is terrifically complex with many causes and a drastic need for durable treatment options.

Current pharmaceutical products for treating substance abuse disorders are often ineffective and unable to provide long-lasting remission.

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disorder, and even the very best contemporary treatments show limited effectiveness. The treatments being developed by Journey Colab could very well be game-changers, boosting the effectiveness of existing treatments and providing an important tool in addressing the addiction epidemic, the leading public health problem of our time.”

Dr. Peter Hendricks, UAB

Addiction Requires an Integrated Approach

Individually, behavioral therapies and pharmacotherapies provide little improvement for substance use disorders.

That's why Journey's approach is different. We understand that effective psychedelic treatments require a thoughtful, integrated approach - one that includes psychotherapy and community as essential components.

We are integrating the latest science with traditional wisdom, community guidance with capital resources, and existing treatments with new models of care.

Journey Colab

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Join a diverse and intentionally non-traditional team that believes pharmacotherapy should be part of an integrated solution to treat addictions and other mental health conditions.

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