Journey Colab Announces Appointment of Joel A. Posener, MD as Chief Medical Officer
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The Science Behind Journey Colab

Developing evidence-based synthetically derived psychedelic therapeutics to address the substantial unmet clinical need for effective treatments for addiction, starting with synthetic Mescaline HCl (JOUR-5700) for the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

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The Power of Psychedelics

Promising studies show the pharmacological effects and potential benefits of neuroplasticity-promoting psychedelic therapeutics to disrupt addictive behavior and promote long-term behavioral and psychological changes.

Why is That Important?

Think about trying to learn a new language when you’re young versus as an adult—it gets a LOT harder. But imagine that, as an adult, you could create an opportunity for your brain to learn a new language just like a child would—it would be powerful! This is the power of the re-learning period.

These re-learning periods can extend well beyond the initial dose. For example, psilocybin's initial effects typically last 4-5 hours after dosing, however, the re-learning period produced can have a duration of nearly three weeks.

Safe for Clinical Treatment

Research from major medical institutions have shown ample evidence that when used in proper clinical settings, psychedelics are safe and well-tolerated.

In 2019, the first psychedelic was FDA approved for treatment-resistant depression

The Science of Mescaline

JOUR-5700 (Mescaline HCl) is a classic serotonergic psychedelic that  binds and activates the serotonin 2a (5-HT2a receptor) in key cortical and subcortical structures associated with addiction, emotion, mood, personality, cognition, motivation, and perception. Early research suggests this activity may result in neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

Other classic psychedelics operating on the 5-HT2a receptor have shown some early efficacy in human studies as possible treatments for alcohol use disorder and tobacco addiction, and numerous debilitating neuropsychiatric conditions, with effects that may persist for weeks or months following a single dose.

Mescaline HCl has a promising safety profile and longer-lasting therapeutic effects.

Mescaline HCl may provide a less intense and more insightful experience than other psychedelics, allowing for patients to experience a greater degree of mental clarity and connectedness to others that could promote psychotherapy.

Journey Colab’s first compound in development is Mescaline HCI (JOUR-5700), a novel potential treatment for AUD

Journey Colab has initiated its non-clinical and CMC programs to support its Phase 1 first-in-human studies of JOUR-5700.

Stronger with Therapy and Community

The brain plasticity that psychedelics can offer has to be reinforced with a structure that supports learning and growth.

Therapy and community support provide structure and direction for the re-learning period—helping individuals retain the insights they gain during this critical time. We know from 5,000 years of tradition, decades of scientific research, and recent clinical studies that this structure and direction produces dramatically better outcomes for patients (source).

Many existing treatments for substance abuse are already providing this structure effectively— but patients are starting at a fundamental disadvantage.

Individually, behavioral therapies and pharmacotherapies provide little improvement for substance use disorders, but a combination may provide much larger treatment effect sizes.

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