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A New Model of Addiction Care with Psychedelic Therapeutics

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Journey's mission is to unlock the promising science behind psychedelics to provide durable remission to patients
suffering from addiction

Backed by world class investors

We believe a powerful new model of addiction treatment can be created by combining the promise of psychedelic therapies with a new model of psychotherapy and community support.

We're creating this model in two ways:

• Bringing an intentional delivery model to addiction treatment providers

• Advancing psychedelic therapies, including Journey's own mescaline program (JOUR-5700)

combination of psychedelics, psychotherapy and community support

Addressing Addiction

Journey Colab is developing psychedelic solutions for the treatment of addiction and other mental health disorders, starting with Mescaline HCl (JOUR-5700) for patients with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), who are in desperate need of durable remission from this chronic, relapsing condition.

About Our Science
2021 vs 2027 Addiction Levels:
Cost of addiction in 2021 - $15B;
Cost of addiction in 2027 - $30B


Americans suffer from addiction today. Only 10% receive lasting benefit from current treatments. ~75% of substance use cases are alcohol-related.


in estimated annual expenditure in U.S. on SUD (2020)


of adults with SUD don’t get treatment


in the estimated economic burden in the U.S. from SUD (2022)

Built with Reciprocity in Mind

Through our unique stakeholder structure, we have built an experienced team dedicated to our mission of creating scientifically rigorous and clinically validated treatments and improving equitable access to care. Ten percent of our founding equity is dedicated to sharing success with stakeholders to increase equitable access to care and recruit employees and partnerships.

Our Reciprocity

Get Our Primer

As a result of seeing increased interest in the psychedelics space, we put together a primer to give funds, limited partners, and others an overview of the market.

If you're interested in viewing the primer or learning more,
please reach out to us.

We're here to build an ecosystem and we will need people from all sides and walks of life to get involved in this brave new world and healing economy we're building.

Join Our Team

Our diverse team ranges from Indigenous health advocates and groundbreaking academic researchers to former executives of Allergan, Pfizer, and Novo Nordisk.

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Latest News

Journey Colab is an intentionally non-traditional pharmaceutical startup that believes pharmacotherapy should be part of an integrated solution to treat addictions and other mental health conditions.

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