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Our first Center of Excellence for Psychedelic Research & Care at All Points North

  • Journey is partnering with All Points North in Colorado to launch the first Center of Excellence for Psychedelic Research & Care at a leading behavioral health provider
  • Our Center’s aim is to advance psychedelic research in addiction and understand best practices of psychedelic care in clinical settings
  • This Center will be the first of its kind, bringing psychedelic research to where patients and providers are today
  • The first activity at the Center will be an FDA-authorized clinical trial of a psychedelic therapeutic in Phase 2+ of development for the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder


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Our Centers of Excellence

Leading destinations for psychedelic research and care, created in partnership with select addiction treatment centers in the U.S.

  • Integrates psychedelics into the high-quality work already happening at our partnered addiction treatment centers
  • Utilizes a unique care model developed by Journey which combine best practices in psychedelic care and addiction care
  • Brings together top addiction care providers and clinicians and psychedelic therapists
  • Advances real-world research for clinical-stage (Phase 2+) psychedelic drugs in development
  • Located at our partnered treatment center locations, to bring research and care where patients are today

Intentionally integrated into the work already happening on the ground today

  • Select addiction treatment providers in the U.S. are already providing the type of quality psychotherapy and community support that is needed to support the effectiveness of psychedelic therapies

  • We partner with the infrastructure and care already happening, to bring in a new treatment tool in an integrated way

  • Journey's care model gives providers the tools they need to learn and begin engaging with this new treatment tool

Interested in getting involved?

We’re looking for addiction treatment providers and psychedelic therapists who are interested in our mission to bring an integrated, new treatment tool to patients who need it most.

Collaboration is in our DNA – it’s the “Co” in Journey Colab and at the heart of our stakeholder model.

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